About Niu Ka

Niu Ka Trading specializes in imported frozen meat trade. The main products are beef and other products, all of which are imported from Zhengguan.

Contact Us

Chairman Joy Zhao: +86 18728435514
Sales Manager Lily Yang: +86 15639776867
Sales Manager Huipeng Tang: +86 15208219531
Sales list Yadi Shan: +86 18782997276
Sales Yunfeng Yao : +86 13568957816
Sales Rujing Li: +8619828701706
Sales Yali Gong: +86 19828703451

Address: 1803-1804, No. 266, Ma Chao East Road, Xindu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
Email: joy@nk-foods.com.cn